First cuts

by Chainsaw Sacrifice

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Second edition released in August 1999. Recorded at Sacrificial Records in Anchorage, Alaska.


released August 8, 1999

Yury Gödl355 Den K - guitars, computers, recording, drum programming, lyrics.
Lex Gavron - drum patterns and programming.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Chainsaw Sacrifice Washington

Chainsaw Sacrifice was started by musician then known as Den K in early 1998 in Anchorage Alaska. He was influenced to do so by 2 members of the band Asvenzim - Lex Gavron and Antonio.
Work on the first album began in May 1998 with the recording of "First Cut". Lex played the drum machine and Den played guitars. The album was completed in March 1999. Remix in August of 1999 improved the vocals.
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Track Name: Steel
Steel is stronger than flesh
Stainless switchblade in each hand
Knife hurts more than a bullet
because it hurts longer
Cold steel irritates your nerve endings
Steel or flesh - which is stronger ?

Darkness brings us nocturnal awakening
Death under the stars...
My attempts to turn back the time
fail constantly.

Severed heads litter the ground
for my viewing pleasure.
They can not hear me now.
I will sell their brains to a patriarch.
Forever we shall return

Steel is stronger than flesh
I have created a mess.
would you like me to
rearrange your face?
Track Name: Slow and Beautiful
Slowly, beautifully
I'm killing u, u are killng me.

Bloody bodies in bed,
Gutted, innards thrown around the room
Even the carpet is red.
The rock-'n-roll is dead

Tighten the rope around my neck
Tie the end to my hand.
Stand on the table
Killing sinners is the best
I thrust my blade in a chest
I hope this murder
will cause political unrest

Slowly, silently, and with style
I am killing u with a smile
On my face !
What a terrible taste!
Track Name: Nocturnal Killers
In a warehouse
behind the caskets
I need to kill.
In caskets live
My secret lovers
The meaning of reason...

The killers come out at night
They dance in the midnight moon's light
I failed to die in time
Before the world messed up my mind.
Track Name: edematous maceration
Track Name: Killer intro; your last lullaby